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Established in 1987 in South Central Texas near San Antonio, we are an FAA Certified facility specializing in the service, parts and overhaul of the T-56 Jet Engine. We deliver quality, service and price.

We have in stock and available for immediate delivery multiple units of the following engines:

  • T-56-A-Series I             Air Force Plus Navy Engines
  • T-56-A-Series II
  • T-56-A-Series III
  • 501-A-D13
  • 501-A-D22/D22A

  • Also, if you are a registered Preferred Customer and know your part number, you can check our Online Inventory for immediate delivery of:
  • Compressor Modules
  • Turbine Modules
  • Torque Meter Assemblies
  • Reduction Gear Boxes
  • Compressor Blades
  • Turbine Blades
  • Turbine Vanes
  • New Inlet Housings
  • etc.

  • Since we provide full overhaul, service and have an extensive line of parts, please contact us for your your specific needs. If you don't find your parts in our online inventory just Click here and complete our online Request Form for a quick response. You may also reach us by phone at: 830-438-2279 or by Fax at: 830-438-2237. We look forward to hearing from you.


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